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Empowering children to navigate life's challenges with confidence, fostering resilience, self-discovery, and a positive mindset.


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My name is Gigi Alaqqad, and I am a mom of two girls and a

certified kids life coach who has

always been passionate to work

and connect with children.

I left my career of 10 years in project management and decided to pursue my kids life coaching certification with Kids Life Studio.

My passion, love, and interest in all children related topics made this such a natural decision. I always knew that I wanted to have more purpose in life, so my goal became working with children and positively impacting their lives.

My Story

Thank you for really having heart in all of this, and that’s what Aiden got to see. It’s really key when a child feels that you truly care for them and truly love and accept them the

way they are.

You’re there to help and support them and that means a lot to them because that’s their sense security and safety. You have given him all this and for him to feel this way that’s just a testament for what you have created and for being this amazing coach and person, so I really thank you for that.


-Parent of a 11 year old

My daughter is absolutely gaga over you Gigi. She really enjoyed the workshop and doing activities whilst understanding and explaining the concept of big emotions.

She did the entire workshop again at home for her younger sister. It was such a delight.

She is eagerly waiting to see you again! Thanks for doing such an important workshop and providing tools to our kids to understand and deal with their emotions better.

Parent of 7 a year old

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