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gigi kids life coaching dubai great.jpeg
gigi kids life coaching dubai great.jpeg

We just had Aasha's parents evening and the teacher commented that the outside support we provided (you and the coaching) has really helped her focus at school and she's doing really well academically- hitting greater depth in all key subject areas!

Gigi, Sophie is really committed and she follows everything and is excited about it. We are happy to see her being more mindful about being kind to herself. she was also able to say why she's unique, giving herself praise. That's all exactly what I was hoping she will get out of it.

gigi kids life coaching dubai 4.jpeg
dubai kid life coaching.jpeg

I definitely recommend this program. Gigi is such a blessing and has a great way with kids. She's a creative, fun and brings out of the best in my son. He loves the sessions and I'm definitely seeing a lot of changes in his attitude, confidence, and his level of awareness. I think this was one of the best decisions we have made and that's why we are continuing with this journey.

Gigi has really helped my daughter have a more positive outlook on things which have changed the way she thinks and acts. We even now communicate and connect with each other a lot better

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